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According to a recent UC poll of medium size businesses, Video Conferencing was the #1 most likely to transform the way you do business. CTIntegrators has powerful conferencing systems that can support and improve the way you do business.

First you must select a platform of services to meet your business needs. Then get the right equipment for the job.
Below we outline our best-in-class solutions to choose from.

Conferencing Platforms

Conferencing Equipment

Conferencing Plans

Conferencing Platforms

Platforms are the software and tools endpoints used to design the type of services needed.
From small huddle groups to large webinars, we have the platform to help you engage.

Elevate OnLine Meetings

Elevate OnLine Meetings is a secure, cloud-based online video conferencing, collaboration and webinar platform for 2-1,000 participants. It’s easy to use on connected PCs, smartphones and tablets – NO plug-ins, or downloads needed to join meetings (using Chrome)!

With Online Meeting, you can use HD video and audio meetings for a more personal and powerful connection. Hosts and attendees can easily share their screen or applications with one-click to easily collaborate and make edits in real-time.


ClearOne's premise and cloud-based conferencing platform, provides a full suite of integrated video, web conferencing and UC applications.

Apps provided for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Spontania is your best bet when multi-point collaboration is required! 

Conferencing Equipment

Once your platform is decided, you'll need to select cameras, microphones, projectors or screens and speakers for sound. This can be fully integrated like a laptop or seperate high quality pieces
designed to work together.


A long time player in Video, Logitech has put together a number of solutions at different price levels. This means any small business can enjoy high quality video conferencing regardless of the platform you use.


ClearOne has a variety of professional collaboration equipment supporting single and multi-site solutions.
Cameras, Microphones and Codecs bring professional media streaming and collaboration for every size business.

If you have ever attended a Video Conference, you know that sometimes the platform does not matter, it can be a bad experience.
Download our brief paper on Video Conference Basics and get a handle on ways to make your next conference experience memorable!
Then, Call Us at : 703-261-7066 to help you get started in the right direction.

Conferencing Plans

The Elevate OnLine Meeting is the easiest to implement and loaded with features.
Save even more with Exchange or Hosted PBX Bundles!

Online Pro

Up to 100 Web Participants 
Billed Annually
  • Just looking for basic Video Conferencing and App Sharing, Elevate OnLine Pro is a robust secure platform designed to get you going quickly.
  • Have a great Video experience,
    call CTIntegrators today!
    Audio & Video Conference
    Desktop & App Sharing
    Member Chat
    30 Video Cam Panels
    200 Phone Attendees
    Bundle & SAVE $2

OnLine Enterprise

Up to 200 Web Participants
Billed Annually
  • Whether you are new to Video Conferencing or just looking to upgrade Elevate OnLine Pro is a comprehensive platorm designed to grow with your business.
    Audio & Video Conference
    Desktop & App Sharing
    Member Chat
    30 Video Cam Panels
    Audio Recording
    Uploads & Notes
    + More Users
    Bundle & SAVE $3

Webinar Lite

Up to 50 Web Participants
Pro version allows 200
  • Our most popular business package and an awesome value. This platform covers what 90% of businesses need. Start with 50 users and grow.
    All the services in OnLine Pro
    Email Reminders 
    Green Room 
    Larger Upload Space 

Conference Options

Take your communications and collaboration to the next level.
Integrate with some of these top, optional enhancements to simplify access and improve efficiency.


Full System integration

Bring on a full suite of services that tie everything together. Adding email, robust storage, sharing and on-line office apps let you move smoothly through the process of notifying, reminding, editing, and sharing important links with participants.


Video Conference Room

If you do a lot of Video, let CTI design a complete integrated solution with specialized ceiling or desk mics, individual tap-in stations, Video Array and unified control center.


Multi Monitor Displays

Video arrays are the next level of high quality Conferencing. Use multiple screens and show one image or 12 different ones. An excellent tool for presentations too.

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