Starlight PC Desktops & Servers

CTIntegrators Starlight PC brand provides Intel and Microsoft based servers most offices are looking for.  

We work with your office needs to design a truly custom solution. Starlight Servers and Desktops are built with current state-of-the-art components using exacting standards.



Custom & Gaming


Every part of our computers are made with the highest quality components from reliable name brand manufacturers.
(  Intel - Samsung - Asus - Logitech - Crucial - Kingston - HP - Viewsonic  )

Latest Technology

Some manufacturers have different quality levels of components to keep the price down. Starlight uses the same high quality in all our builds. The only difference with Starlight PC may be speed or capacity.

Software You Want

Ever bring home a name brand PC and spend 3 days figuring out how to manage all the FREE software you never needed or wanted? Yeah, we don’t have that. Windows, Office, PDF manager, Backup and Anti-Malware are all you need.

Simple Model Options

Starlight PC starts with only 2 or 3 base models for each type and we customize to your needs. Simple, not complex.

Intel at the Core

Starlight PC uses only Intel chipsets, mainboards, processors and built in wireless or Bluetooth technology. You'll know you are getting the best PC possible.

Starlight PC

Always the best in tech

Starlight Nano

Nano is a 4"x4" fully integrated design PC with full desktop functionality. Intel Core i3,  i5 or i7 and optional vPro Technology.

Starlight Pulsar

Pulsar has a space saving design and powerful Intel i5 or i7 processor computing, all in a small attractive package.

Starlight Orion

Orion is configured with the most cutting edge workstation technology available from Intel, including Core i7, i9 and vPro.

Starlight Servers (Polaris & Gemini)

Starlight 1U & 2U servers are space saving and efficient. Full Intel spec systems with 1 or 2 Deca-core Xeon processors.

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