Support Rates
Non-Contract Rates are as follows:  (July 1, 2016)
  • CTintegrators T&M flat rate is $180.00 per hour $250.00 minimum.
  • Telephone & Remote Support flat rate is $160 per hour 1/2hr. minimum
  • On-Site, after hours support is an additional $150.00
  • Local travel charge of $45 applies for 20-39 miles & $75.00 over 40 minutes or 40 miles, and $200.00 over 80 miles. (maximum 120 miles) 2hr. minimum on-site charge.
We Support What We Sell
CTintegrators recognizes that things don't always work out the way we plan. To provide you the best service possible, we try to keep adequate spare parts and equipment in stock to help meet these emergencies.

Contract rates vary based on the hours purchased.

  • Bulk Rate Agreements are from $150 - $160, Minimum 12 hours.
  • Annual Agreements are from $130 - $140, Minimum $750 per month.
  • On-Site, after hours support is an additional $150.00 per visit
  • $25 Trip charge per on-site visit, covers gas and parking
Cost of materials or extended travel are not included in any billing rate and will be charged separately.