Support Overview

CTIntegrators support services are what distinguish us from other vendor support organizations. With reasonable pricing and 40+ years of experience,
CTI can meet your support needs.

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Support Options

Additional Product Support

Support Rates

Support Options

Time & Materials 

Time and Materials support is an on-demand service for existing customers. Billed at standard rates for time and standard markup for parts and products.

Pre-paid Support Agreement

Pre-paid support options allow you to choose a lower cost option and create a technology support program on a budget.
Download our "Full Services Agreement" for full IT support.
Download our "Remote Support Agreement" if no on-site is required or remote facility.
Download our "Letter of Engagement" to retain services on an as needed basis. 

On-Line Self Help

Many common questions can be answered by using our Q&A section in Downloads.
Questions regarding Hosted Voice, Fax, Email are available 24x7 in our comprehensive Knowledgebase.

Additional Product Support

Loaner & Rental

Customers under a current active "Services Agreement" are eligible for free loaner equipment when equipment goes bad and cannot be repaired in a reasonable timeframe. If needed CTIntegrators also rents PCs, Servers and Phone Systems for failed units.

Request a Rental Agreement

Product Development

Sometimes you need specialized programming to make things work. CTIntegrators can assist with program integration projects and small app development. Please let us know your needs and we can provide a complete quote.

Support Rates  (2019)

Non-Contract Time + Materials

Our T&M flat rate is $185.00 per hour $250.00 minimum.
Remote Support Agreement flat rate is $160 per hour, 1/2 hr. minimum
On-Site, after hours support incures a one-time additional fee of $150.00

Contract Rate + Materials

Phone System Only Agreement is from $150 - $160 per hr. Minimum 12 hours.
Annual Full Service Agreement is from $140 - $155 per hr. depending on option selected.
On-Site, after hours support is an additional $150.00 per visit

Trip and Travel Charges

$25 Trip charge per on-site visit over 15 miles to cover gas and parking
$40 applies for 16-45 miles, 1 hr. minimum charge.
$75.00 over 40 minutes or 45-75 miles, 1 hr. minimum charge.
$200.00 over 75 miles (maximum 120 miles) 2 hr. minimum charge.

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