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It's a frightening new Internet world for small and mid sized businesses. Ransomware in email attachments or links, criminals lurking on web ads, exploit kits attacking your PCs. Where do you turn? How do you get a handle on cyber threats? CTIntegrators has developed a program especially with the SMB in mind. Training, Assessment, Mitigation, Remediation.
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About this Solution

If you have a IT staff with more than 3, or a $300,000+  IT budget, you may not need our services. But for the rest, CTIntegrators has developed a program of proven processes and solutions that will keep your company protected, while keeping costs reasonable.

  Cyber Security Program Overview  
Cyber Training 101
Employees, Management, IT Department
Cyber Assessment
Secure Business Assets
Malware Mitigation Plan
Update and Implement
Cyber Remediation
Disaster Recovery and Continuity
Did you know that over 70% of all cyber attacks can be thwarted by employee training. Making users aware and proactive is your first, best defense.

CTI provides cyber training for your employees either on site, or in scheduled classes.

Users will learn:
• What a threat looks like
• The difference between type of threats
• An overview of the threat landscape
• Actionable plans for preventions
• What to do IF they are compromised
• Tools to improve security
• Tools for ongoing education

CTI will evaluate your current system and help you or your IT team determine where you are weak or strong and make recommendations on how to implement the best solution for your business and within your budget.

We Evaluate:
• Edge Network options
• Internal Infrastructure
• Cyber Best Practices
       Servers, Desktops & Mobile
• Backup & Recovery
• Business Continuity


After a full Cyber Assessment is completed, CTI can help you or your IT team implement the recommendations.

We then document processes and provide support services for implementation.

We Help:
• Update current system
• Integrate new systems
• Implement best practices
• Establish guidelines
• Test every aspect
• Provide ongoing support
Although you may have been careful, there is always a chance that your business can come under attack.

CTIntegrators can help you through the recovery process and if you used the plan outlined in the prior three stages, recovery is assured.

We Work:
• To Recover Servers
• Remove the Attack
• Restore Critical Business data
• Contact Law Enforcement
• Keep Business Running 
CTIntegrators, Inc. brings over 25 years of IT and communications experience to assist your small to medium size business. CTIntegrators is a strategic partner, working for your business as your in-house MIS staff or to complement your current IT department. CTIntegrators can assist your company with important computer, communications, telephony, networking, Internet and Cloud decisions.
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