Cyber Security Program

Ransomware in email attachments or links, criminals lurking on web ads, exploit kits attacking your PCs - where do you turn? How do you get a handle on cyber threats? CTIntegrators has developed a program especially with the SMB in mind - Training, Assessment, Mitigation, Remediation.

Security Program

Tools & Software

Managed Security

Security Program

Today, it's harder for businesses. Today, ALL businesses need to be compliant if they're on the Internet.
CTIntegrators can help get your business compliant with proven products and insightful management.

Cyber Training 101

Did you know that over 70% of all cyber attacks can be thwarted by employee training. Making users aware and proactive is your first, best defense.

CTI provides cyber training for your employees either on site or in scheduled classes. 

Cyber Security Assessment

CTI will evaluate your current system and help you or your IT team determine where you are weak or strong and make recommendations on how to implement the best solution for your business and within your budget.

CTI will also help you document policies and procedures that fit your unique needs.

Malware Mitigation Plan

After a full Cyber Assessment is completed, CTI can help you or your IT team implement the recommendations and instantly make your environment safer. 

We then document processes and provide support services for implementation. 

Cyber Remediation

Although you may have been careful, there is always a chance that your business can come under attack.

CTIntegrators can help you through the recovery process and if you used the plan outlined in the prior three stages, a quick recovery is assured.


Tools & Software

Edge Network Security

The trick is to keep out those that would do harm so we start at the networks edge. Move certain functions out of the office and into the cloud like Email, File Sharing and Backup. Then we install powerful managed security firewalls, switches and wireless with the latest proactive security sets. By using SD-WAN, Secure VPN, and real-time threat detection and attack remediation at the EDGE, we minimize risk inside.

Inside Security Management

Inside, we improve procedures and limit hardware and data access, while employing multiple layers of security software on Servers and PCs and then limit by mobile devices. The key is understanding how your business works and what each person needs to do their job.

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