Phone Systems
CTintegrators, supports Vertical Wave & SBX phone systems.
Smaller offices will like the cost savings & simplicity of the SBX-IP320. Growing companies will like the flexibility and multi-office capabilities of the Wave IP500 or 2500 series. Companies with Call/Contact Center requirements and those with remote users, will find that Wave is the new standard for the Mobile workforce.
Vertical Communications
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Hosted PBX
Phone Systems & Hosted PBX
  • SBX IP320 - Entry Level Business PBX
  • Wave IP500 - SMB Business PBX
  • Wave IP 2500- High Performance PBX
  • CTI-Cloud PBX - Low cost PBX alternative.
  Phone Systems Overview  
Vertical SBX-IP320 PBX
Entry Level Business PBX
Vertical Wave IP 500
SMB Business Solution
Vertical Wave IP 2500
Performance Built for Business
CTI-Cloud Hosted PBX
Best Alternative to Premise Based PBX
An excellent solution for 5 to 20 users.

A converged IP telephony system is the clear choice for today’s dynamic and growing single- and multi-location businesses. Developed in partnership with global electronics manufacturer LG-Nortel, the Vertical SBX IP 320 can  address your current and future communications needs by combining advanced telephony features, and applications with unmatched ease-of-use, high reliability, using traditional as well as IP telephony at an extraordinary price point.

SBX IP320 Details:
Download the IP320 Product Brochure for more details.
An excellent solution for 10 to 30 users or at remote office locations, retail store and small contact centers.

The Wave IP 500 PBX phone system has all the capabilites of the IP 2500, but designed for fewer users not fewer features. Pay less, don't get less.

Wave IP 500 Details:
Download the IP500 Product Brochure for more details and visit our mini-site at www.vertical-wave.net
From 20 users to over 500, this platform can grow as your company grows.

The Wave IP 2500 PBX phone system is unique in it's ability to seamlessly handle a broad variety of Digital, Analog, and VoIP technologies, all at the same time. Now with "Applications Inside"TM architecture the IP 2500 delivers over 20 apps and extended features others charge for, ready to use today.

Wave IP 2500 Details:
Download the IP2500 Product Brochure for more details and visit our mini-site at www.vertical-wave.net
Priced per line of service, get enterprise grade calling feaures at bargin basement costs.

Some plans inclued new IP phones for as little as $50, and you can shoose from flat-rate for high call volume or metered rates,for low volume, depending on your needs.

Hosted PBX Details:
Download the Cloud Hosted PBX Product Brochure for more details.
CTintegrators, Inc. brings over 25 years of IT and communications experience to assist your small to medium size business. CTintegrators is a strategic partner, working for your business as your in-house MIS staff or to complement your current IT department. CTintegrators can assist your company with important computer, communications, telephony, networking, Internet and Cloud decisions.