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CTIntegrators, Business Freedom Continuity and Cloud Backup keeps your business on track. Offering both Direct to Cloud file backup and mission critical Appliance/Cloud hybrid backup with Server Virtualization and recovery. We do this with one monthly fee and no per server cost.
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Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity
What does your business need?
Disaster Recovery usually means multiple layers of backup and restore for data and for servers. Sometimes this includes PCs too. A good method is a local hard drive backup AND a Direct to Cloud backup this will cover most situations with data loss. This mainly focuses on restoring IT infrastructure and operations within 24-48 hours of a crisis and is a good solution for companies under 12 people.
However, Disaster Recovery is only a part of Business Continuity.  Business Continuity planning is a more comprehensive approach that means maintaining business functions or resuming them quickly in the event of a disruption. Assessment, recovery and return operations within 2-3 hours, regardless of the size of the disaster. Typically, this means both local AND cloud server Virtualization are possible and a written plan is in place and understood by those in charge of execution.
Backup and Recovery Overview 
Traditional computer backup is complicated and often forgotten. Recovery is worse. Do you have the right backup? Do you reinstall the OS before you can recover? How long will it take? All Day?

Today, server Backup and Recovery is simple. CTIntegrators offers two great options to meet your business needs. Direct to Clould and BDR Appliance. Review the options below and select the one best for your company.
Direct to Cloud   Hybrid Backup/Recovery Appliance
Backup to Cloud copies your data from your servers and/or pcs and stores it in a secured, safe and encrypted environment. All you need is your internet connections and our Business Freedom Cloud Backup software.

Files and folders get compressed, encrypted and transferred to the cloud for safe storage at a very economical price.
  Business Freedom Backup Appliance is more than just file backup, it's a full disaster recovery system. If you can't afford to be down, this is the solution.

We install a seperate Virtualized server in your office (BDR) and configure each server and/or PC to be automatically imaged every 6-12 hours.

After hours, those images are transferred to our encrypted Cloud storage service where we keep multiple versions of your documents and the last version of your server. This provides three recovery methods.
CTIntegrators Business Freedom Backup is an end-to-end disaster recovery solution for businesses of all sizes. It not only backs up your computers, servers, and databases automatically and reliably, it also gives you the power to share and access your data securely.  
  1. Local Appliance allows file local recovery or, in the event of a server failure, allows you to startup a virtual server while the main server is repaired or replaced.
  2. In case of building or office disasters, like fire, or long term outage, we can turn up clould versions of your servers where you can remotely connect and access your data.
  3. File by file Cloud recovery with up to 60 days of historical versions.
  Sounds expensive, but it's not! In fact, the Hybrid Backup Server and these powerful recovery features are just part of the low monthly backup fee.
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CTintegrators, Inc. brings over 25 years of IT and communications experience to assist your small to medium size business. CTintegrators is a strategic partner, working for your business as your in-house MIS staff or to complement your current IT department. CTintegrators can assist your company with important computer, communications, telephony, networking, Internet and Cloud decisions.