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CTI has changed focus over the last year and added several new security related products. We performed our due diligence and partnered with best-of-breed and high-value vendors that we can integrate into an enviable security solution to support
our customer base. 

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2019 News

Heimdal Security Monitoring 02/01/2019

CTIntegrators is pleased to announce a new security partnership with Heimdal Security, an endpoint monitoring system like no other. Using advanced IP scanning and blocking to track and analyze your local IP packets, Heimdal can determine if you are getting attacked, scammed or worse, unseen hacking and block the activity before it starts.

Add local PC software patching and policy based rules to keep your system and company secure from threats like "drive by attacks" and ransomware.

For those looking for a top anti-virus, anti-malware solution, look no further than Heimdal Thor which took top honors in the 2018 Computing Security Awards. Among the finalists at the “Anti Malware Solution of the Year” category were important names in cyber security industry such as Kaspersky, Symantec, Malwarebytes, Sophos, and Trend Micro.

2018 News

SolarWinds Threat Monitoring    11/15/2018

CTIntegrators is pleased to announce a new security partnership with Solarwinds Threat Monitoring and Recovery. Using collection tools and probes, meta data from your network, data is funneled to a ISO9001 secure SOC (Security Operation Center) for machine analysis and alerts. These alerts are monitored 24x7 by skillfully trained agents, who can determine if an attack is imminent or active and take steps to notify and assist in remediation. 

This is a hugh enhancement to our already powerful security offering and critical for some government complience. Most importantly, the cost is within reach of the SMB market and starts at under $800 per month. 

SolarWinds MSP RMM        10/15/2018

CTIntegrators is pleased to announce a new security partnership with Solarwinds  Remote Managment and Monitoring tools. These tools allow CTI to automate many processes and track assets, usage, conflicts and more.  

Customers subscribing to this service, get faster services, more up-to-date patching and better remote office care. As we grow it becomes harder to keep up and manage an ever widening range of devices. SolarWinds RMM cuts time to remediation and automates many tedious but needed tasks, resulting in lower overall costs and better performance.

Cisco Meraki         08/15/2018

CTIntegrators is pleased to announce a new security partnership and certification with Cisco's Meraki line of cloud managed security and networking products. Complete management, tracking, analysis, alerting and reporting along with state-of-the-art hardware and software, means we can do better at keeping your data safe.

Meraki uses out-of-band meta-data to be sent to our custom dashboard to manage how your network and security operates. Using robust tools, highly configurable settings and intense logging means CTI can stay ahead of the curve in cyber security.

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