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The mobile workforce has become the new business model. This presents new opportunities and new challenges to small and medium businesses. Mantaining control over assets, customers and employees is the challenge. 

Workforce Mobility is achived through a combination of Cloud and Premised based equipment and technologies, designed and integrated for your business model. CTI can help.

Mobility Overview

Mobility Enablement

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Mobility Overview

There is little doubt that a mobile workforce is the way of the future for most companies. Research groups like Gartner and Forester have published tons of data showing we now have more mobile devices than people on the planet. The SMB (Small & Medium Business) has the advantage of using developed technology and services to start creating mobile strategy right now!  CTI will show you how to optimize existing technologies to move to mobility faster.

Mobile Staff

Very few organizations have deskbound staff today. New ways to market and connect with customers demand more flexibility.

The mobile phone and tablet have made mobility possible, but each company must create a system that works best for them.

CTIntegrators can assist in creating policies and strategies based on company and workforce requirements.

Asset and Information Control

How will your staff access information and how will you control how it is used and where it goes?

SMBs have now entered an on-line transaction based world where sensitive information is stored on premise or cloud based systems. This makes them the new low hanging fruit for hackers and criminals.

What will it take to protect your valuable data from hackers, trojans and your own employees?

Mobile Technology

SMB's have so many options to choose from with todays technology. Cloud services provide simple monthly fees and massive expansion capabilities. Investment costs are lower and ROI is faster.

By combining premise based equipment and cloud services, CTIntegrators can help optimize a mobile solution that works with your company needs and ROIs that keep it within budget.

Cost Control

CTIntegrators understands that SMBs can't deploy a million dollar system to protect a $2 million dollar business. But there are ways we can help.

Think Mobility is just about phones? Take a look at our "Top 10 requirements for making your business mobile."

CTIntegrators Business Freedom

Our "Circle of Service" shows how any small business can become mobile and secure. 

We combine premise, cloud and mobile services with cost effective design and implementation.


Mobility Enablement

Equipment & Services

By using a combination of inhouse equipment like Routers, Firewalls, Servers, PCs and laptops with cloud services and infrastructure like file sync & backup, audio & video collaboration, and monitored & managed access, CTIntegrators can help your company achieve secure mobility.

Processes and Procedures

Once your mobile system is architected, policies, rules and authentication help you get the most out of your mobile workforce with the least bit of worry.

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