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Call Centers are more than just big banks of agents, in fact almost every consumer facing business needs one and most organizations with small departments can use one.

Not sure how? Look at some of our interesting implementations. With Vertical Contact Center solutions, we can help whether your need is large or small.

Call Center Overview

Call Center Equipment

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Call Center Overview

Our apps are flexible and cost effective solutions in todays market for Call Center functionallity. CTIntegrators has  has been delivering high quality call center hardware and software for over 15 years and CTIntegrators has installed dozens of centers in the Washington DC area.

Our Call Center solutions can be part of your primary phone system or sit behind a larger PBX/Switch to provide a more economical solution. Our Call Center apps supports mobile and remote users too!

Agents Anywhere

Call Centers today rely on a variety of agents to support their customers. Not only traditional bullpen offices, but work at home moms and mobile expertise too.

With our "Agents Anywhere" program you can choose how and where to deploy your call center while maintaining control and providing analytics to keep your operation running smoothly.

Call Recording

Whether commercial, local government or federal government, each has unique requirements and challenges to meet.

The Call Recording option provides the flexibility you need and the detail you require to implement and maintain with simplicity.


With Real Time Monitors to tell you what is happening with each call or Agent from an intuitive Dashboard.

With over 25 system and agent reports, you will be able to track history, response and call handling, by the shift, day, week or month.

Data Integration

Our Wave systems include 1 IVR port license and 2 pre-built IVR apps that you can use right away! But if you need something custom, we can help with that too.

Also, integrating Call Classifier allows you to search and retrieve data for your SQL database or route calls based on call dynamic information.


Call Center Equipment

Wave PBX Premise Systems

the Wave IP’s unique Application Ready
architecture comes with everything built in giving businesses of any size the flexibility to access the communications tools their needs dictate. Visit our website: for details.

Endpoint Options

Wave uses a variety of endpoints to work with the contact agent and keep them productive. From dedicated digital interfaces to mobile phones, from IP to Analog, wireless or wired Wave will meet your needs.

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