Cloud Backup & Virtualization

CTIntegrators Business Freedom Continuity and Cloud Backup keeps your business on track. Offering both Direct to Cloud file backup and mission critical Appliance/Cloud hybrid backup with Server Virtualization and recovery. We do this with one monthly fee and no per server cost.

Backup Features

Backup Options

Business Continuity

Backup Features

Today Server & Desktop Backup and Recovery is simple. CTIntegrators offers two great Enterprise options to meet your business needs. Direct to Clould and BDR Appliance both with DRaaS option for Server Virtualization.

Backup Security

With the CTI Business Freedom Backup, all data is treated the same. Small, Medium or Large companies all get the same high quality storage, security, support and capability to grow. You create the encryption key and only you can access your data. 

All data is stored locally AND in our SOC II rated Datacenter.

Low Cost Entry

No matter which package you choose, you get one low monthly fee. For basic storage, we provide the local backup disk, for on-site BDR Virtualized Server, we provide the computer. With no up front cost other than configuration. Then we replace the BDR Server every 3-4 years to be sure it’s current. 

You're never stuck with obsolete hardware and if it breaks, we replace it.

Stable, Fast & Reliable

Some vendors use data snapshots - we use File and Folder wtih System State backup because it’s faster, uses less bandwidth and restoring is way more reliable. Then we manage the network, migration, maintenance and recovery at no extra cost.


Choose Direct-to-Cloud software only, or Hybrid DRaaS that combines some on-site hardware with cloud services to enable rapid back-up and recovery of hardware based data environments. If you have more than one device, we build the BDR with multiple virtual machines. If any server or PC goes down, we can simply virtualize it on the BDR in minutes. We even have a Cloud Virtualization if you don’t have a BDR. Then just VPN to your cloud server!


Backup Options


Cloud backup is a reliable backup for all of your files and folders as well as System State. It secures your critical files offsite. So no matter what happens you’ll be back in business fast.

It’s appropriate for small and mid-sized businesses who depend on standard systems but need to protect their working files.

Hybrid DRaaS

Hybrid DRaaS combines some on-site hardware with cloud services to enable rapid back-up and recovery of hardware based data environments.

Designed for businesses who need to rapidly recover from minor problems, but also want to be ready to quickly reconstitute mission critical business applications after a major disruption.

Real-time Cloud Backup

Our Sharesync Server app means a new level of security in real time. Not to last nights backup, but to 10 minutes or 10 seconds ago.

Keep desktop, laptops and mobile devices backuked up and synced too.
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Secure File Sharing & Collaboration

Securely share files and folders inside and outside your company. Give private access to clients, vendors, mobile users.

Imagine being able to work on files with others in a simple, secure cloud-base 

Business Continuity

Cloud Backup and Hybrid Backup are only half the story. The reason we take care to make backups is in the off chance we need to recover.

Here's a couple scenarios - first is to get online and select Restore to the existing server or new server. Simple for recovering a few files, but that may take awhile if you need to restore a whole server. That's where Business Continuity starts to make sense.

With Hybrid Cloud, we simply virtualize the last backup on the BDR server and assign the IP address. Now you can connect your workstations right in the office. But what if you can’t use the office or the server needs to be replaced? Are you willing to wait 2-5 days to get a new server and restore? If not, we have you covered there too. As part of Hybrid Cloud, we can use your Encryption key and spin up the last good backup as your server in the cloud. Create a VPN and once again your workstations can connect.

And starting now, even those not using a BDR Hybrid, can pay a little more each month for the same capability. That’s Business Continuity! 

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