Support Overview
Technical Support Options

Choose Time & Materials, or Pre-paid Support Agreement.
Time and Materials support is an on-demand service for existing customers. Billed at standard rates for time and standard markup for products.

Pre-paid support options allow you to choose a lower cost option and create a technology support program on a budget.
Download our Customer Services Agreement for full IT support.
Download our Phone System Agreement for phone support only.
Download out Remote Support only Agreement
Download our Letter of Engagement to retain services on an as needed basis.
Why Us?
CTIntegrators support services are what distinguish us from other vendor support organizations. With reasonable pricing and a combined 40+ years of experience, CTIntegrators can meet your support needs.

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Additional Support Products

Loaner, Rental, & Development
Customers under a current active "Services Agreement" are eligible for free loaner equipment when equipment goes bad and cannot be repaired in a reasonable timeframe. If needed CTIntegrators also rents PCs, Servers and Phone Systems for failed units.

Requesting a Rental Agreement via eMail.

Vendor Support Websites
These are links to our top vendor support websites.
These links will take you to the most relevant webpage for support or downloads for each vendor.
Microsoft Intel HP Netgear D-Link
Vertical - Wave TrendMicro Hosted-Exchange Hosted ShareSync