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Off-site Cloud Backup is a popular service and there are dozens of companies jumping into the market. But only Business Freedom has the full data protection features to restore anywhere.

Direct to Cloud

Hybrid System 

Quick Web Based Recovery 
Cloud Backup
  • Backup/Recovery Appliance
  • Direct Backup to Cloud
  • Server in Cloud Recovery
  Backup and Recovery Details  
Why use "Hybrid Backup"?
Select backup does what most "low-cost" backup systems can't.  It backs up real-time online data like Exchange email, Active Directory, and SQL data, even when Exchange and SQL is running.

In addtion to version control, Hybrid Backup Virtualizes your servers both locally and in the Cloud for near zero downtime when there is a disaster.

Computer Backup Features Server  Backup Features
Uninterrupted Data Protection
Proprietary infrastructure offers Uninterrupted Data Protection that automatically backs up and protects open files without compromising system or network performance.

Enterprise Security
CTIntegrators uses proven Enterprise Security encryption to protect your mission critical files; leveraging 256bit, 3DES Encryption on all files prior to sending to our secure, private cloud. Multiple, certified Tier 3 Data Centers throughout the US ensure that your data is secure.

Back Up While You Work
CTIntegrators Business Freedom allows you to Back Up While You Work. You have the ability to back up on the fly while in any application. CTIntegrators does not limit supported applications, you have it, you use it, and you want it protected…we can do it!

Proactive Email Alerts
CTIntegrators customers can set periodic, Proactive Email Alerts to confirm successful backups to meet compliance standards and to provide customers with piece of mind.

Recovery is Simple
CTIntegrators recognizes that when recovery is required, it needs to be simple. Instantly restore individual files and folders from an image backup effortlessly in Windows as well as Linux architectures.
Bare Metal Back Up
Reduce backup time and improve your RPOs through high-performance, efficient and assured application-aware disk-to-disk backups with Bare Metal Back Up.

Extensive Application Support
CTIntegrators has Extensive Application Support to meet the varied needs of our customers in different industries. Our list of supportable platforms and applications includes, Windows, SharePoint, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, Linux, Mac, VMware, and Oracle.

Cloud Data Seeding
For customers that have a large amount of data that needs to be secured, (over 100GB) CTIntegrators offers Cloud Data Seeding. Initial back up will be saved to a secure USB device and sent to the appropriate data center for an immediate transfer and secured storage.

Easy and Efficient
CTIntegrators makes managing your heterogeneous backup environment Easy and Efficient with a single, easy to use web based management console.

Custom Scheduling Capabilities
CTIntegrators empowers its customers with the ability to have Custom Scheduling Capabilities. Customers can set automatic backups to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly based on your requirements.
Title Recovery Features
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